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Seattle Roster
Hub Director: Anand Pradhan (PAY1986)

Pilot Name Rank Flights Hours
Last Flight Last PIREP Date Joined Status
PAY1100 Tom Detlefsen Pacific Lifetime Member 756 3528.63 2021-Oct-23 2021-Oct-23 2000-Sep-01 Active
PAY1192 Richard Haney Pacific Lifetime Member 1438 3572.12 2021-Oct-26 2021-Oct-27 2000-Feb-01 Active
PAY1643 Jeffrey Belford ATP Senior Captain 315 522.83 2021-Oct-25 2021-Oct-25 2002-Aug-18 Active
PAY1808 Aly Fouad Pacific Lifetime Member 991 10727.21 2021-Aug-21 2021-Aug-23 2005-May-28 Active
PAY1837 Garrett Wiedmeier ATP Senior Commander 691 1488.07 2021-Oct-14 2021-Oct-15 2006-Jan-11 Active
PAY1910 Stephen Kennedy Jones Pacific Lifetime Member 2083 16585.77 2021-Sep-22 2021-Sep-26 2003-Jan-13 Active
PAY1977 John Dean ATP Commander 380 749.58 2021-Oct-23 2021-Oct-25 2016-Jul-25 Active
PAY1979 kevin pinkosky ATP Commander 422 953.63 2021-Oct-21 2021-Oct-22 2016-Jul-25 Active
PAY1981 Andrew Mendez ATP Captain 17 81.24 2021-Oct-01 2021-Oct-01 2021-Jun-15 Active
PAY1982 Dan Fairchild ATP Captain 20 86.35 2021-Oct-15 2021-Oct-21 2021-Jun-08 Active
PAY1983 Chris Blair ATP Captain 115 214.17 2021-Oct-26 2021-Oct-27 2021-Jun-07 Active
PAY1985 Gordon Grant Pacific Lifetime Member 1116 3525.30 2021-Oct-17 2021-Oct-17 2017-Jan-23 Active
PAY1986 Anand Pradhan Pacific Lifetime Member 1179 3044.69 2021-Mar-14 2021-Mar-16 2008-Aug-17 Active
PAY1987 Shawn Darrenkamp ATP First Officer 30 56.07 2021-Oct-17 2021-Oct-18 2021-Jan-09 Active
PAY1992 Mitch Clason Pacific Lifetime Member 1318 3122.53 2021-Oct-25 2021-Oct-26 2015-Apr-09 Active
PAY1994 Joe Detlefsen ATP Captain 55 165.81 2021-Oct-17 2021-Oct-17 2018-Sep-09 Active
PAY1995 Shane Gutenberg ATP First Officer 37 52.68 2021-Sep-08 2021-Sep-09 2021-May-26 Inactive
PAY1996 Glen Clason Pacific Lifetime Member 1250 3175.78 2021-Oct-26 2021-Oct-26 2015-May-21 Active
PAY1997 Josh Swanger ATP Senior Captain 219 334.54 2021-Oct-23 2021-Oct-24 2018-Mar-29 Active
PAY1998 Gregory Vincent ATP Senior Commander 285 1439.64 2021-Oct-26 2021-Oct-27 2019-May-30 Active
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