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Miami Roster
Hub Director: Position Open

Pilot Name Rank Flights Hours
Last Flight Last PIREP Date Joined Status
PAY2437 John Timmis ATP Senior Captain 254 478.42 2021-Oct-04 2021-Oct-04 2004-Jan-09 Active
PAY2578 Hendrik Rogge Pacific Lifetime Member 2016 3673.67 2021-Aug-29 2021-Aug-31 2007-Feb-18 Active
PAY2676 Hal Morse Pacific Lifetime Member 1286 6639.87 2021-Oct-18 2021-Oct-19 2016-Jul-13 Active
PAY2945 Jury Zaporozecs Pacific Lifetime Member 1591 8441.39 2021-Oct-26 2021-Oct-26 2016-Jul-07 Active
PAY2956 Lorenzo Francois Pacific Lifetime Member 1434 3160.02 2021-Oct-14 2021-Oct-14 2016-Jul-22 Active
PAY2958 Peter Carr ATP Senior Captain 261 413.84 2021-Oct-25 2021-Oct-26 2016-Jul-26 Active
PAY2991 Casey Penney ATP Senior Commander 67 1143.13 2021-May-09 2021-May-09 2019-Oct-20 LOA
PAY2992 James Rice ATP Senior Commander 748 1824.44 2021-Oct-09 2021-Oct-09 2018-Jul-21 Active
PAY2993 Joseph Kockelmans ATP Senior Captain 118 526.93 2021-Oct-25 2021-Oct-26 2021-Jun-23 Active
PAY2994 Lester Padgett ATP Captain 52 240.76 2021-Oct-06 2021-Oct-07 2019-Apr-15 Active
PAY2995 Matt Gjedde ATP Commander 52 761.49 2021-Oct-22 2021-Oct-22 2020-Dec-29 Active
PAY2997 Dan Wayment ATP Captain 95 224.08 2021-Oct-25 2021-Oct-26 2020-Aug-16 Active
PAY2998 Andre Horton ATP Commander 329 916.22 2021-Oct-17 2021-Oct-18 2019-Jun-05 Active
PAY2999 Frank Sullivan ATP Commander 124 924.81 2021-Feb-20 2021-Feb-20 2018-Dec-26 LOA
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