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Denver Roster
Hub Director: Position Open

Pilot Name Rank Flights Hours
Last Flight Last PIREP Date Joined Status
PAY3239 Andrew Tonge ATP Senior Commander Elite 483 1763.52 2022-Jun-20 2022-Jun-22 2001-Aug-21 LOA
PAY3244 Richard Corbett Pacific Lifetime Member 1186 5321.35 2022-Jun-25 2022-Jul-11 2001-Sep-04 Active
PAY3465 Jamie Baker Pacific Lifetime Member 1119 4235.29 2016-Mar-25 2016-Mar-28 2007-Nov-05 Active
PAY3526 Tayo Adeyeye Pacific Lifetime Member 1682 5196.70 2022-Jul-20 2022-Jul-30 2006-Nov-18 Active
PAY3604 Brandon Gallentine ATP Senior Commander Elite 721 1564.15 2022-Jul-14 2022-Jul-14 2011-Dec-05 Active
PAY3620 Scott Rudisell ATP Commander MC 338 794.90 2022-Jul-09 2022-Jul-09 2015-Nov-01 Active
PAY3626 Wayne Gary Pacific Lifetime Member 3188 9472.78 2022-Apr-06 2022-Apr-06 2016-Jul-18 Active
PAY3627 Troy Miles-Sabin Pacific Lifetime Member 1983 7398.43 2020-Mar-20 2020-Mar-20 2001-Aug-01 Active
PAY3631 David Rodriguez ATP Commander MC 354 751.99 2022-Aug-07 2022-Aug-07 2016-Dec-28 Active
PAY3637 Robert Zolliecoffer ATP Captain GA 34 94.91 2022-Jul-15 2022-Jul-15 2018-Apr-02 Active
PAY3643 George Clarke ATP Senior Commander Elite 421 1171.66 2020-Jul-12 2020-Jul-15 2018-Sep-13 LOA
PAY3644 EW Forbess ATP Senior Commander Elite 1141 2343.80 2022-Aug-11 2022-Aug-11 2018-Sep-15 Active
PAY3654 Pierre Dequack ATP Captain GA 27 260.93 2022-Jul-20 2022-Jul-20 2020-Jun-07 Active
PAY3659 James Moody First Officer GA 11 16.40 2021-Nov-08 2021-Nov-08 2021-Feb-20 LOA
PAY3663 Daniel Silva ATP Captain GA 90 194.56 2022-Jul-26 2022-Jul-27 2021-Aug-24 Active
PAY3664 Robert Forbess ATP First Officer GA 2 103.07 2021-Dec-15 2021-Dec-16 2021-Nov-29 LOA
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