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New York Roster
Hub Director: Position Open

Pilot Name Rank Flights Hours
Last Flight Last PIREP Date Joined Status
PAY6132 Norm Tipton Pacific Lifetime Member 2438 6053.87 2021-Apr-10 2021-Apr-10 2001-Sep-14 Active
PAY6257 Dwyan Miller ATP Commander 244 907.33 2021-Apr-02 2021-Apr-04 2004-Nov-14 Active
PAY6433 Jason Wadsworth Pacific Lifetime Member 1675 3459.31 2021-Apr-04 2021-Apr-04 2009-May-03 Active
PAY6444 Travis Edwards Pacific Lifetime Member 941 3935.00 2021-Feb-01 2021-Feb-01 2008-Apr-18 Inactive
PAY6448 Jimmy Edwards Pacific Lifetime Member 790 4255.53 2010-May-11 2010-May-12 2008-Apr-21 LOA
PAY6652 Benedicto Rosa ATP Senior Commander 249 1897.08 2020-Apr-16 2020-Apr-18 2015-Dec-20 LOA
PAY6660 Matt Radek ATP Senior Commander 1419 2485.40 2021-Apr-11 2021-Apr-11 2016-Jul-17 Active
PAY6683 Tommy Rogers ATP Captain 49 239.97 2021-Apr-06 2021-Apr-06 2018-May-31 Active
PAY6684 Joseph Kockelmans Captain 18 25.48 2021-Apr-11 2021-Apr-12 2020-Sep-28 Active
PAY6688 Carlos Moreta ATP Senior Captain 180 584.52 2021-Apr-10 2021-Apr-11 2020-Nov-10 Active
PAY6689 JB Mclemore ATP Commander 269 888.46 2021-Apr-05 2021-Apr-10 2020-Nov-14 Active
PAY6690 Andres Nunez ATP Captain 94 186.26 2021-Apr-04 2021-Apr-04 2019-Mar-11 Active
PAY6691 Curtis Kirk ATP Captain 38 108.39 2021-Apr-12 2021-Apr-12 2021-Mar-17 Active
PAY6692 Joshua Tubbs ATP First Officer 1 100.98 2021-Apr-07 2021-Apr-07 2021-Apr-05 Active
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