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Los Angeles Roster
Hub Director: Position Open

Pilot Name Rank Flights Hours
Last Flight Last PIREP Date Joined Status
PAY7317 Lino Ochoa ATP Senior Commander 830 2546.12 2019-Mar-08 2019-Mar-08 2004-Sep-23 LOA
PAY7476 Sean Young ATP Senior Commander 1126 3193.08 2019-Aug-24 2019-Aug-24 2007-Jan-16 Active
PAY7571 Dave Cook ATP Senior Commander 3955 7257.41 2019-Aug-25 2019-Aug-25 2010-Feb-08 Active
PAY7607 Atamvir Multani ATP Senior Commander 547 2546.02 2016-Dec-03 2016-Dec-03 2010-Mar-19 LOA
PAY7617 Mark Zoeckler ATP Senior Commander 1035 2911.04 2019-Aug-07 2019-Aug-11 2009-Mar-19 Active
PAY7730 Kurt Weber ATP Senior Commander 757 3107.30 2016-Dec-07 2016-Dec-09 2004-Mar-23 LOA
PAY7736 Terry Foor ATP Senior Commander 888 3902.79 2019-Jul-01 2019-Jul-01 2013-Dec-28 LOA
PAY7737 Tony Henderson ATP Captain 77 172.61 2019-Aug-02 2019-Aug-02 2014-Feb-10 Active
PAY7744 David White ATP Senior Commander 709 1205.83 2019-Aug-02 2019-Aug-02 2010-Aug-16 Active
PAY7760 Travis Chapman ATP Senior Captain 69 317.53 2019-Aug-19 2019-Aug-19 2015-Jun-13 Active
PAY7763 Charles Rickard ATP Senior Commander 788 2341.65 2019-Aug-21 2019-Aug-21 2012-Feb-03 Active
PAY7767 Matt Butterworth ATP Senior Commander 308 1017.16 2018-Jun-03 2018-Jun-04 2003-Jan-28 Active
PAY7773 Thomas Detlefsen ATP Captain 32 111.43 2018-Feb-01 2018-Feb-04 2016-Jul-08 LOA
PAY7777 Marek Miskiewicz ATP Captain 52 100.53 2019-Aug-19 2019-Aug-19 2016-Jul-28 Active
PAY7796 Waldemar Penna ATP Senior Commander 849 5120.48 2019-Aug-07 2019-Aug-23 2001-Feb-05 Active
PAY7797 Alberto Zizumbo ATP Captain 70 129.61 2019-Aug-03 2019-Aug-03 2018-Oct-04 Active
PAY7798 Josh Welte Captain 11 21.69 2019-Aug-10 2019-Aug-17 2019-Feb-11 Active
PAY7800 Chris Stevens ATP Captain 14 175.94 2019-Jul-21 2019-Jul-23 2019-Mar-08 Active
PAY7803 Stacius Sakato First Officer 14 19.04 2019-May-30 2019-Jun-08 2019-Mar-24 LOA
PAY7804 William Sanson ATP Captain 35 174.69 2019-Aug-04 2019-Aug-04 2019-May-01 Active
PAY7805 William Taylor First Officer 6 5.56 2019-Aug-25 2019-Aug-25 2019-Aug-23 Active
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