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Pacific Europe Roster
Hub Director: Position Open

Pilot Name Rank Flights Hours
Last Flight Last PIREP Date Joined Status
PAY8156 Rob Scott ATP Senior Commander 2077 2804.66 2018-May-27 2018-May-27 2003-Dec-23 Active
PAY8357 Barry Smith ATP Senior Commander 916 3179.34 2020-Sep-30 2020-Sep-30 2008-May-26 Active
PAY8436 Roger Flitter ATP Senior Commander 952 1930.99 2020-Oct-24 2020-Oct-24 2010-Apr-16 Active
PAY8445 Adam Bacon ATP Senior Commander 581 2740.12 2017-Feb-02 2017-Feb-03 2010-Jun-30 LOA
PAY8534 Hans Geerdink ATP Senior Commander 299 1081.79 2018-May-15 2018-May-16 2012-Jun-24 LOA
PAY8600 George Brown ATP Senior Commander 2673 8870.23 2020-Oct-24 2020-Oct-24 2016-Jul-23 Active
PAY8602 Joel Swartout ATP Captain 51 225.90 2020-May-12 2020-May-12 2016-Jul-26 LOA
PAY8610 Paul Gosling ATP Senior Commander 586 2323.92 2020-Oct-22 2020-Oct-23 2016-Oct-11 Active
PAY8626 Leon Vermeulen ATP Senior Captain 78 320.51 2020-Oct-18 2020-Oct-19 2018-Jun-12 Active
PAY8630 Neil Bonner ATP Captain 61 234.88 2020-Sep-02 2020-Sep-03 2019-Mar-20 LOA
PAY8631 Mark Blumer First Officer 5 5.92 2020-Oct-06 2020-Oct-08 2020-Sep-03 Active
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